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The Web’s Inventor Regrets One Small Thing

I’m not so sure about the saving paper or ink, but it would have saved me oh, I dunno, a couple of hours spent saying “colon slash slash” and explaining what it meant back in the early days of the Intertubes. On the other hand, it’s a great way to immediately tell if someone isn’t net-savvy when he tells you his email address is ‘’ or something similar. I also never understood why the more easily pronounceable ‘web’ wasn’t adopted instead of ‘www’, although there is a movement to deprecate ‘www’ now.

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2 Responses to “Colon slash slash”

  1. I love when radio ads give a web address and use the term “backslash”.

  2. Tim Elkins says:

    Radio ads with urls are always good for a laugh. The local NPR station has resorted to spelling some sponsors names out letter by letter and gives the link to restaurant Bistro 5 ( as, “bistro numeral 5 dot com.” That must still cause confusion… at least everybody now says “dot” instead of “period,” though.

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